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Neuro-Unconference in Barcelona is back!

Ilaria Mirabile mayo 10, 2013 Eventos y Actividades, Interesante, Meetings No Comments

After the success of last event in March, the Neuro-Unconference is back!

If you’ d like to learn something  about the brain, but are bored of the usual conferences, come and join us on Tuesday, May 28th, around 5.30 pm, at the civic centre La Sedeta (Calle Sicilia 321) for the second Neuro-Unconference in Barcelona.

Bring along curiosity and enthusiasm, and leave your shyness at home: everyone – scientists, students, professionals- is welcome to discuss and share ideas, in a very informal, interactive, and fun way.

The evening, organised to celebrate the month of the brain by Mara Dierssen (CRG), Begoña Díaz (UPF) Mavi Sánchez-Vives (IDIBAPS), y Rafa de la Torre (IMIM), will develop in two phases.

The debates

Four invited speakers will briefly present their ideas on the following topics

– Neuroplasticity: How our brain changes upon different environmental challenges

– Neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders: Can we cure a diseased brain?

– Neuroscience and education:  Can we help our brain’s learning?

– Brain interface: The future is now

You’ll choose your favorite topic and join a debate group to  discuss it in depth. Curious, skeptical, inquisitive people are particularly welcome to make the conversation interactive and spontaneous.

At the end of the short debates, the four groups will gather to share the conclusions of each one of the discussions.

The Speakers’ corner

Where you could be the protagonist: Do you have an interesting idea on  neuroscience that you’d like to share? Prepare a 1 minute video with your thoughts, put it on you tube (as private), and send the link with a short summary of what you’d like to present  here.

The most interesting videos will be selected, and the winners will present their ideas at the Unconference. Brush up your presentation skills and send a video: you may get your  3 minutes of neuro-celebrity!

The first Neuro-Unconference in Barcelona was a success.

Join us to make the second one even better!

Ilaria Mirabile

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