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Brain-Machine interfaces: Interview to Professor Eilon Vaadia, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Núria Estapé i Cot mayo 15, 2012 Artículos científicos, Artículos de opinión, Curiosidades, Destacado, Entrevistas No Comments



Professor Eilon Vaadia, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem will present his work at the FENS Forum in Barcelona. He will speak about CONTROLLING DYNAMICS BRAIN SIGNALS IN BRAIN MACHINE INTERFACE (BMI).

We asked him some questions about the symposium he will chair at the FENS congress and here are his answers:

What is the aim of the work presented in your symposium?

The main challenge of the work we do is to understand how the brain circuits, built of interconnected neurons, computes and control behavior. In particular we study how these network change during learning, how the networks generate memories and how we learn new sensorimotor skills, like playing the piano. Of special interest in this work is the work on brain machine interfaces where we can read brain electrical signals and via a computer perform tasks that the brain intends to perform.

 What are the significant data that will be announced?

The most significant data that I will present shows that we can use brain computer interfaces (BCIs)  to directly change the electrical signals of the brain and teach the brain to control artificial devices.

What is the importance and relevance of this work?

The work we do is highly significant for the basic understanding of the brain mechanisms and for clinical applications in neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Nuria Estapé i Cot,
Directora de la Oficina de comunicación de la SENC

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