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Brain Awareness Week in Barcelona

Ilaria Mirabile marzo 12, 2013 Curiosidades, Entrevistas, Interesante, Meetings No Comments

Mark your calendars and enjoy a week of brainy stuff: Brain Awareness Week is back!
Dr Mara Dierssen, of the CRG-Center for Genomic Regulation is one of the BAW partners in Barcelona.

You can found the complete list of events taking place in the city here.

There are two main events you can’t miss:
• ‘What is Alexia? ‘
Angels Prat Pla, Albert Costa and Begoña Diaz will take us on a journey to understand language and its neuronal basis
Wednesday, March 13th (7 pm) at the Sagrada Familia library (Provenza 480, Barcelona)
• Neuro-unconference, Wednesday, March 20th (5-8 pm) at the Civic Center San Augustine ( Trade 36, Barcelona)
What is a Neuro-unconference?
Don’t frown on the idea of long complicated lectures: this unconference is full of surprises.

Do you want to know more about future treatments in neurology or about cyborgs? Make your voice heard and decide what the talk is going to be about!
By visiting this website you can vote among six topics and decide which one will be discussed with an expert.
1. The brain of the future of cyborgs and other beings.
2. Guilty or innocent, ethical dilemmas and brain.
3. Hallucinating, recreational drugs, yes or no?
4. The future of treatment in neurology: can we improve our brain?
5. Gene therapy brain? Fiction or reality?
6. The brain maps omics, does a GPS to find the causes of mental illness?

Ever wonder how a real experiment is done? Now, you can also become a scientist for a day: help the scientists interpret this experiment and you can win the chance of getting in the lab and see it with your own eyes.
Also, in the Speakers’ corner, you’ll find scientists and non-scientists exposing their ideas in five minutes, in topics ranging from ‘the relationship between architecture and neuroscience’ to ‘what Conscience is’.

BAW in Barcelona, here we come
Sponsored by the DANA foundation since 1996, the BAW is the occasion for neuroscientists to leave the ivory tower and share their enthusiasm with people, and for people to learn, question, get involved and (why not) contribute to the progress of our understanding of the brain. During the week, more than 800 events will take place around the globe to increase public awareness on brain research.
I will be reporting from Barcelona: come along, share your thoughts and enjoy.

Ilaria Mirabile

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